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Yuan tongli, member of the standing committee of hebei provincial party committee and executive vice governor, went to weixian of xingtai city to investigate the winter cleaning and heating work. He pointed out that clean heating is a major political task, major environmental projects, major livelihood projects. All departments at all levels should give full play to the role of pilot projects in leading the way, take measures in line with local conditions and proceed step by step, actively explore and develop new forms of clean heating that are flexible and applicable, and help implement the strategy of air pollution prevention and control and rural revitalization.
Yuan Tongli line to ngawi shahe look, officer in the summer of the east village farmers home, deep communication with the masses, carefully understand the alcohol-based fuel, "+" of field operation of the equipment, heating costs and actual effect, and new energy co., LTD., a way to KouJiaChen xu rong technology co., LTD., new energy field to check the alcohol-based fuel, "+" of field equipment production situation.
Yuan Tongli requirements, departments in all localities should tree "four consciousness", "two maintenance", earnestly implement the party central committee to promote clean winter heating policy decisions, the implementation of the provincial party committee, the provincial government requirements, based on local resources endowment, economic strength, infrastructure conditions and requirements for the control of air pollution, such as * appropriate cleaning heating ways, actively yet prudently proceed with, to ensure high quality clean heating transformation task. Areas that have carried out new heating pilot projects should carefully summarize and evaluate, improve standards and norms, strengthen quality control, operation and maintenance, and assessment through expert demonstration and data comparison, so as to continuously improve the stability, standardization and safety of heating equipment operation, so as to ensure the warmth of the masses in winter.

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